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North Ridgeville Area GOP


North Ridgeville Republican Club meetings: We try To have every meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month at the firehouse, but due to circumstances outside of our control we have to move our meetings from time to time to other locations and dates. Please check out the Events page link below or contact the Club President to confirm meeting details. When we get to a point where this is no longer an issue we will update the community about a fixed location and hopefully a fixed date on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Check the Events Page by clicking the link to find additional information. Or alternatively you can reach out to Club President Martin DeVries at 440-387-3895 for additional information or to confirm meeting details.

Membership is $10 per year for an individual and $15 per couple. Come find out what North Ridgeville Republicans are planning for our amazing community!


The Newly Elected Club Officers:

Left to right: Vice-President - Holly Swenk, Recording Secretary - Nancy Linden, President - Martin DeVries, Treasurer - John Prajnzer, and Corresponding Secretary -  Maryann Abens.



North Ridgeville Republican City Council Candidates:


From left to right: Councilman Jim Maleski, Council President Martin DeVries, Councilman Jason Jacobs, Candidate Georgia Awig, Candidate Steve Ali.

Executive Committee

Area Chair: Roseanne Johnson

Vice Chair: Bill Gardner

Secretary: Chris Rangus

Treasurer: John Prajzner


Central Committee (by Precinct)

1A - James Maleski

1B - Bernadine Butkowski

1C - Mary Greegor

1D - John Pinchak

1E - Edward W. Power III

2A - Vincent S. Loparo, Sr.

2B - Charles Butterfield

2C - Ethlyn C. Kennedy

2D - Lawrence J. Senko

3A - Nathan Manning

3B - Michelle Hung

3C - Kenneth R. Wilson

3D - Kevin Corcoran

3E - Christopher J. Rangus

3F - Mike Doran

3G - Jeffry J. Armbruster

3H - Gayle L. Manning

4A - John C. Prajzner

4B - Roseanne Johnson

4C - Charles S. Spann III

4D - William L. Gardner

4E - Clifford B. Winkel

4F - Kimberly Cromwell

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