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North Ridgeville Area GOP


North Ridgeville Republican Club meetings: We try to have a meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Check the Events Page by clicking the link to find additional information.

Membership is $10 per year for an individual and $15 per couple. Come find out what North Ridgeville Republicans are planning for our amazing community!


The Newly Elected Club Officers:

Left to right: Vice-President - Holly Swenk, Recording Secretary - Nancy Linden, President - Martin DeVries, Treasurer - John Prajnzer, and Corresponding Secretary -  Maryann Abens.



North Ridgeville Republican City Council Candidates:


From left to right: Councilman Jim Maleski, Council President Martin DeVries, Councilman Jason Jacobs, Candidate Georgia Awig, Candidate Steve Ali.

Executive Committee

Area Chair: Roseanne Johnson

Vice Chair: Bill Gardner

Secretary: Chris Rangus

Treasurer: John Prajzner


Central Committee (by Precinct)

1A - James Maleski

1B - Bernadine Butkowski

1C - Mary Greegor

1D - John Pinchak

1E - Edward W. Power III

2A - Vincent S. Loparo, Sr.

2B - Charles Butterfield

2C - Ethlyn C. Kennedy

2D - Lawrence J. Senko

3A - Nathan Manning

3B - Michelle Hung

3C - Kenneth R. Wilson

3D - Kevin Corcoran

3E - Christopher J. Rangus

3F - Mike Doran

3G - Jeffry J. Armbruster

3H - Gayle L. Manning

4A - John C. Prajzner

4B - Roseanne Johnson

4C - Charles S. Spann III

4D - William L. Gardner

4E - Clifford B. Winkel

4F - Kimberly Cromwell

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