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 Columbia-Eaton-Grafton-LaGrange Area

The Columbia-Eaton-Grafton-LaGrange area covers:

Grafton Village, Grafton Township, LaGrange Village, LaGrange Township, Eaton, North Eaton, and Columbia Station.


Columbia-Eaton-Grafton-LaGrange Area Chair - Jim Dowdell

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May 19th Meeeting Recap

There were almost forty attendees at the Columbia Area Republican Committee's event. Republican candidate for Lorain County Sheriff, Jack Hall was joined by Parma Hts. Police Captain Tanya Czack in explaining the intricacies of the new handgun "Permit Less Carry" law going into effect in Ohio on June 13th, 2022.
Jack explained that there are only two significant changes between the current law and the new law:
1. Under the new law, qualifying adults* carrying concealed handguns will no longer be required to have a state issued license in order to carry a concealed handgun lawfully in Ohio.
2. Unlike the current law, when a qualifying adult is carrying a concealed handgun they are no longer required to "promptly notify" when they are engaged by a law enforcement officer that they are carrying a concealed handgun. Under the new law, if a qualifying adult carrying a concealed handgun is asked by a law enforcement officer if they are carrying a concealed handgun, they must answer truthfully, under penalty of law. 
(*A qualifying adult is a person who is at least 21 years of age and is not prohibited by Ohio or federal law from possessing firearms.)
A topic of considerable discussion and dispute was how to properly possess a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle under both the current law and the new law. When Ohio's first concealed handgun law was enacted in Ohio in 2004, the law required the loaded handgun to be carried on the licensee's person such as in a holster. Research conducted since the Thursday presentation has revealed: Today, and under the new law, a qualifying adult may possess a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle in various methods, provided it is NOT accessible to any occupant who is not a qualifying adult. 
After the portion of the presentation addressing the legal components of the laws were covered, NRA certified firearms instructor Jim Dowdell talked about: firearms safety, handgun and ammunition selection, safe storage and methods of carrying concealed handguns. (Jim is also the Chairman of the Columbia Area Republican Committee.)
At the conclusion of Jack, Tanya's and Jim's presentations, attendees were encouraged to ask questions which they did. The presentation, including Q&A requires about 90 minutes. Anyone interested in hosting this informative presentation should contact Jack Hall at:

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