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Chose Gallagher over Dimacchia

Dear Friends,
As executive chairman of the Lorain County Republican Party, I am compelled to address a critical issue concerning the upcoming elections for county commissioner.

It has come to our attention that Tony Dimacchia, a Democrat candidate for this esteemed position, faces significant legal challenges that raise serious doubts about his suitability for public office.

Recently convictedof a second DUI offense, Mr. Dimacchia has beenmandated by a judgeto install an ignition interlock on his vehicle. The court-ordered measures underscore the judges lack of trust in Mr. Dimacchia's ability to drive sober, a fundamental concern that speaks volumes about his judgment and irresponsible behavior.

While we believe in the principle of second chances for individuals who have made mistakes, it is evident that Mr. Dimacchia continues to grapple with personal challenges related to alcohol.

The role of county commissioner requires unwavering integrity, sound judgment and a steadfast commitment to serving in the best interest of our community, a standard that cannot be compromised.

In contrast, Marty Gallagher, a Republican, represents a beacon of stability and excellence in our community. As a respected local businessman and past recipient of the Citizen of the Year award,Mr. Gallagherhas consistently demonstrated his dedication to Lorain County.

His impeccable record and proven leadership qualities make him the ideal candidate for Lorain County Commissioner.

Marty Gallagher embodies the integrity and responsibility that our county deserves.

As Republicans, it is our duty to choose candidates who will uphold the highest standards of public service. Marty Gallagher has shown time and again that he possesses the qualities necessary to lead with honor and distinction.

I urge you to join me in supporting Marty Gallagher for Lorain County Commissioner and all Republicans running for office this November.

Please inform your friends and family about Marty Gallagher's candidacy and encourage them to vote for a brighter future for Lorain County.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Bob Meilander.
Executive Chairman, Lorain County Republican Party

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