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We need Poll observers!

Two weeks to go, and we need your help one last time!
The Lorain County Republican Party will be appointing volunteers as official Election Day Observers who function to officially monitor activities at designated polling locations on Election Day, November 3, between the hours of 630am and 730pm.
Currently we have about 75 polling locations that are set up for Lorain County, we have identified at least half that as a party we would like to have observers at to make sure, with all the issues with mail in ballots and in person voting that we feel comfortable the election is fair. I ask that you pass this message on to as many people as you can. All of our candidates have spent countless hours and dollars to get us to this point. We cannot let them down on election day by not supporting them as poll observers. This is one of the most important jobs in the election cycle. In the past, we have seen issues with intimidation, assisting voters to vote democrat or even illiterate poll workers. Our job is to see these actions and notify the BOE to assist in correcting.

Currently we have 12 volunteers. This will allow up to observe only 1 in 6 locations. Forcing us to choose where we are. I know we are exhausted and have done our part, I just ask for a few more hours and then we can enjoy 4 years of happiness.
Please help us fill this most important role. Let myself of your area chairs know you can help or send us names of people you can get to help out.
Andrew Mcdonnell
Lorain County Republican Lead Observer.

Lorain County Republican Party
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