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The Lorain County Republican Party Newsletter 05/07/2022


Welcome to the very first Lorain County Republican Party Newsletter. We will be sending out a weekly newsletter so long as there is news to update our supporters on.


Many of you have asked to be kept more informed on the things happening in Lorain County as it relates to GOP politics, so we put together this weekly newsletter to keep everyone on the same page.




We will be discussing upcoming club and group meetings as well as recapping important GOP events across the County. 


We will be talking about our elections here in Lorain County, and any relevant Republican Party news, updates or events. We aim to keep you informed on all the relevant happenings with your Lorain County GOP.


The Party is seeking to be more interactive and engaged with our community. The Republican voters and supporters deserve a community resource designed to keep them informed and updated regarding their local Republican organizations. So that is what we shall do.


You will find this newsletter posted to our Facebook Page, in the "News" section of our website, and it will be sent to our email subscribers. We recommend signing up to receive our emails if you haven't done so already by signing up on our website.





Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club:


Knights of Columbus Hall

Columbia Station Meeting
May 19th
Columbia VFW




Congratulations to our May 3rd Republican Primary winners!

  • For US Senate: JD Vance
  • For US House: Bob Latta
  • For Governor/Lt. Governor: Mike Dewine/Jon Husted 
  • For Secretary of State: Frank LaRose
  • For State Auditor: Keith Faber
  • For State Treasurer: Robert Sprague 
  • For Attorney General: Dave Yost
  • For Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court: Sharon Kennedy
  • For Associate Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court: Pat Dewine
  • For Associate Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court: Pat Fischer
  • For County Commissioner: Jeffrey Riddell
  • For County Auditor: Rodger Roeser
  • For Judge, Court of Common Pleas: Darrel Bilancini
  • For Judge of the Court of Appeals 9th District: Donna Carr
  • For Judge of the Court of Appeals 9th District: Jill Flagg Lanzinger
  • For Judge of the Court of Appeals 9th District: Lynne S. Callahan

These candidates have won their respective primaries, now is the time to come together in support of all our Republican candidates on a unified ticket to beat back the radical democrats and their destructive policies.
We will start working to elect these candidates immediately. However our State Representative and State Senator primary races have yet to occur. More on this in the next topic!




Due to the current election map situation our State Representative, State Senate, and State Central Committee races have been pushed back to August 2nd. For now.

We will keep you apprised of any changes as they occur. 

Here is a list of the races to expect for the August 2nd Primary:


  • In Ohio's 54th Statehouse District we have incumbent Dick Stein being challenged by write-in candidate Kathleen Beyer.
  • In the 53rd Statehouse District there is a race between Marty Gallagher and Sarah McGervey, the winner goes on to face Democrat incumbent Joe Miller in November, assuming he doesn't lose to the write-in candidate challenging him.
  • In Ohio's 52nd Statehouse District incumbent Representative Gayle Manning is running unopposed. 
  • In Ohio's 13th State Senate District we have incumbent State Senator Nathan Manning being challenged by Kirstin Hill, who is also our representative on the State Board of Education.
  • The currently appointed Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Man, David Arredondo, is the incumbent being challenged by Mike Witte and Peter Aldrich.
  • Incumbent Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Woman, Patty Stein, is being challenged by Jean Anderson.




Many thanks to all the candidates and voters who participated in the May 3rd Primary election!


I’m very pleased with the results of the primary, as I believe it gives us the best ticket going forward to the General Election, November 8.

But in order for this to happen, we need to set aside our differences and unite as one party. Let us make the month of May “Unity Month” as we work together to elect our entire ticket from top to bottom.


In 2016, we were very divided throughout the presidential primary. The majority of us supported someone other than Donald Trump. Fast forward to the national convention held in Cleveland where Mr. Trump sealed his candidacy. Many of us got over our personal preferences and supported Donald Trump to victory.


We must go forward together to elect our entire ticket from top to bottom. In the 2016 Lorain County Primary, 45,500 Republicans voted versus 39,000 Democrats, the first time more Republicans than Democrats voted. This year 26,000 Republicans voted versus 18,000 Democrats. Please remember that August 2, we will have a second primary election for the Ohio House and Senate as well as for our Republican State Central Committee.


We need to boost our turnout for November and ensure all our candidates win. Of utmost importance is electing Sharon Kennedy as Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. We also need to retain Justices Pat Fischer and Pat DeWine to ensure our 4-3 majority.


Our Lorain County Republican Party will spare no expense in helping our candidates. IF you wish to help, please go to our website,, to make a donation or signup as a volunteer.  


Good Luck and God Bless.


David Arredondo, Executive Chairman, LCRP




We want to thank you for giving us your time and attention these last few minutes. We hope this newsletter will be something useful to many of you as we move forward into the future.


Don't forget to vote in the upcoming August 2nd Primary and work together for victory in November!


Have a wonderful week. 


Until next time,


Lorain County Republican Party.

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