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Lorain County Republican Party Newsletter 06/13/2022




Welcome back to the Lorain County Republican Party Newsletter!


As we begin to put this newsletter together with more consistency, we want to hear from you, our Republican voters and supporters, regarding content you might have an interest in.

This week's newsletter will contain all of the upcoming meetings, as well as remind you about our 2nd Primary this year, which will be for our State House, State Senate, and State Central Committee seats. The ORP has issued several primary endorsements for incumbents facing an August 2nd primary challenge. Our Executive Committee Chairman, David Arredondo, penned an Op-ed in the local Chronicle Telegram newspaper. Senate Bill 215 goes into effect today, and more

If you see an event you're interested in please click the link or image for the event to learn more, and please, don't forget to VOTE in the approaching August 2nd Primary election.



LCYR Trump Day: This event was postponed to July 12th

Hispanos Unidos GOP: June 18th

Vermilion Republican Club: June 22nd

City of Lorain/Greater Sheffield Area Republican Club: June 23rd


Judicial Fundraiser Recap:

Another well attended event in support of our Republican Justices! It's looking a lot like Lorain County wants to keep our conservative majority on the Ohio Supreme Court. We have to remember to vote Sharon Kennedy, Pat Fischer, and Pat Dewine to keep our courts!

Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club Recap:

Over 100 people showed up to hear from David Conte of the NRA and several candidates for the August 2nd primary. Candidates met with and spoke in front of constituents. People got to hear from Sarah McGervey and Marty Gallagher for the new 53rd district, as well as State Senator (pictured above) Nathan Manning and his primary challenger Kirsten Hill. Another great event from the County's premier Republican Club organization and its President, Tomie Patton! (pictured above)

Senate Bill 215 is finally in effect:
When our legislature and governor delivered a true constitutional carry law for the State of Ohio it was a major victory for gun rights activists across the state. As an important point of Republican politics, we should be proud that voting Republican in Ohio can lead to great things like the constitutional right to carry a firearm being protected and restored. We are the party that protects the 2nd amendment, and Senate Bill 215 is the proof. As of today, June 13th, Ohioans 21 years old and older no longer need a permit or to complete the 8-hour handgun training course to carry and conceal a firearm.


Okay, this REALLY may seem repetitive, but we must really stress that voters must NOT ignore the August 2nd Primary!
Our Primary was split into two separate elections.
Due to the current election map situation our State Representative, State Senate, and State Central Committee races have been pushed back to August 2nd.

Here is a list of the races for the August 2nd Primary:

  • In Ohio's 54th Statehouse District we have incumbent Dick Stein being challenged by write-in candidate Kathleen Beyer.
  • In the 53rd Statehouse District there is a race between Marty Gallagher and Sarah McGervey, the winner goes on to face Democrat incumbent Joe Miller in November, assuming he doesn't lose to the write-in candidate challenging him.
  • In Ohio's 52nd Statehouse District incumbent Representative Gayle Manning is running unopposed.
  • In Ohio's 13th State Senate District we have incumbent State Senator Nathan Manning being challenged by Kirstin Hill, who is also our representative on the State Board of Education.
  • The currently appointed Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Man, David Arredondo, is the incumbent being challenged by Mike Witte and Peter Aldrich.
  • Incumbent Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Woman, Patty Stein, is being challenged by Jean Anderson.

Ohio Republican Party makes primary endorsements for General Assembly
COLUMBUS—Today, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (SCC) met to consider endorsements for the Ohio General Assembly. The meeting followed the Federal Court's ruling that a statewide primary election will be held on August 2, using the third set of General Assembly district maps adopted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission.
Following the meeting, Chairman Bob Paduchik released the following statement:
"The Ohio Republican Party is 100% behind this strong slate of legislative candidates who will do tremendous work for all Ohioans. President Huffman and Speaker Cupp are impressive leaders for their caucuses, and we look forward to working with them to, once again, elect principled Republican legislators in 2022."—Chairman Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party
Ohio House Endorsements
  • House District 17 – Tom Patton
  • House District30 – Bill Seitz
  • House District46 – Thomas Hall
  • House District47 – Sara Carruthers
  • House District55 – Scott Lipps
  • House District61 – Shawn Stevens
  • House District65 – Mike Loychik
  • House District68 – Mark Fraizer
  • House District70 – Brian Lampton
  • House District78 – Susan Manchester
  • House District86 – Tracy Richardson
  • House District90 – Brian Baldridge
  • House District98 – Darrell Kick
Ohio Senate Endorsements
  • Senate District 1 – Robert McColley
  • Senate District 3 – Michele Reynolds
  • Senate District 5 – Steve Huffman
  • Senate District 7 – Steve Wilson
  • Senate District 9 – Orlando Sonza Jr.
  • Senate District 11 – Tony Dia
  • Senate District 13 – Nathan Manning
  • Senate District 17 – Shane Wilkin
  • Senate District 19 – Andrew Brenner
  • Senate District 27 – Kristina Roegner
  • Senate District 29 – Kirk Schuring
  • Senate District 31 – Al Landis
  • Senate District 33 – Michael Rulli
Endorsements were based on recommendations from the Republican Senate Campaign Committee, Ohio House Republican Alliance, and the ORP's Endorsement Policy Review Committee.

A strong showing by Republicans
04 Jun 2022—The Chronicle

On May 3, Ohio and Indiana kicked off the balance of the 2022 primary election season (Texas was actually No.1 on March 1) which has since seen elections in 12 states through May 24. June will see many more, as will August and September. Ohio will hold a second primary Aug.t 2 for the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate contests, which could not be held on May 3.

Here are some of the givens for off-year primary elections to date: First, turnout was low, barely 20 percent on the high side. Second, more Georgia voters turned out compared to 2018, defying Democratic and mainstream media alarm that legislation upgrading the state's voting system, amounted to "voter suppression" and "Jim Crow 2.0."

Third, speaking of voter suppression, President Joe Biden's incredibly incompetent (willfully deliberate?) administration, along with the Democratic-controlled Congress and their left-wing agenda are the primary culprits for Democratic voter "suppression" as Democratic turnout to date is about half of Republican turnout. Only two states, Oregon and Pennsylvania were the exceptions, and only by small margins.

Fourth, conversely, Republican, independent, and even many Democratic voters are motivated to turn out and vote for Republicans, due to anger and fear of rising crime, inflation, food prices, gas prices, an open and insecure southern border, baby formula shortages, and other uncertainties. All this while Biden, a Democrat, does nothing to help.

Then there's the Trump factor. As much as the left-wing media want to make former President Donald Trump an issue and their favorite whipping boy, the fact remains that he has endorsed and supported almost 100 successful primary candidates. But the most important fact is that the 2022 election is not about Trump. It is clearly about Biden and his failed presidency.

As in Georgia, Ohio's numbers were telling. More than 1.1 million voters, Republicans, independents, and even many Democrats, turned out and asked for the Republican ballot. Contrast this with 510,000 who voted Democrats.

The two races that drew the most attention were the four-way governor's race and the seven-candidate race for the U.S. Senate. Gov. Mike DeWine easily beat his closest challenger, former U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, 48 percent to 27 percent. Trump's endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, J.D. Vance, won with 32 percent of the vote, defeating his closest challengers Josh Mandel, who had 24 percent, and state Sen. Matt Dolan, who had 23 percent.

So on the one hand, Ohio Republicans chose a Trump-endorsed Senate candidate while at the same time retaining an incumbent governor, who is conservative, mainstream and much-maligned by the MAGA crowd.

In Lorain County, the 2022 primary exceeded 2018 in several ways. The biggest different was in total turnout. In 2018, 42,107 voters cast ballots, while in 2022, 45,500 did so. Two other tidbits: Republicans especially prefer to vote on Election Day as opposed to absentee and early voting. However, this year only 1,000 fewer Republicans than Democrats voted using absentee or early ballots. Second, in doing a canvass of 173 precinct data county-wide, in all but two precincts, Republicans added voters and Democrats did not.

But the greatest news, akin to man bites dog, was that 25,894 voters chose to vote Republican in the county, compared to 17,841 who voted Democrat.

David Arredondo is chairman of the Lorain County Republican Party.




We want to thank you for giving us your time and attention these last few minutes. We hope this newsletter helps you learn more about Republican events happening in your area!


Don't forget to vote in the upcoming August 2nd Primary and work together for victory in November!
If you feel so inclined to help the Lorain County Republican Party to elect Republican candidates come November, please click the Donate button below. Help us keep our court RED!


Have a wonderful week.


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Lorain County Republican Party.

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