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LCRP Newsletter 08/15/22

Chairman's Message

Once again, Socialist Democrats have a sunk to a new low with Attorney General Merrick Garlands approval for the FBI to raid former President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. A subpoena of documents would have been more than sufficient. I can’t wait until January 2025 when the same FBI does this to former President Joe Biden for documents related to Hunter Biden. It is also suspicious that the warrant was issued by a federal magistrate who happened to be tied to Hillary Clinton.

We know that Trump haters loved this action with glee while MAGA voters were justifiably angered. But the vast majority of moderate centrist voters disagreed with this action as well, judging by a Trafalgar Poll taken only days later. 76.7% of Republican voters and 53.9% Independents said that Trumps political enemies, not the rule of law, were behind the raid.

In the wake of the passage of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats and their Ally's in the MSM have been making victory laps and changing the narrative that there will not be any Red Wave in November.

Folks, don’t believe it. The raid on former President Trump has awakened a sleeping giant. Republicans and many independents were already fully motivated to vote out the Democrats this November.

This action only reinforces this as well as adding new voters like Hispanics. The Trafalgar poll also states that 70.4% of Americans say the FBI raid has increased motivation to vote in 2022. Now this is on top of the increase in the numbers of Republicans by a 2-1 margin over Democrats in the 2022 primaries to date.

The motivation to vote is already baked in due to inflation, rising crime, and open borders. None of this is likely to improve and it’s more than likely that it will only get worse by November.

- Executive Chairman, David Arredondo, LCRP





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Excellent Republican Representation at the North Ridgeville Corn Festival Parade! Attended by Congressman Bob Latta, State Senator Nathan Manning, State Representative Gayle Manning, Judge Donna Carr, Judge Jill Lanzinger, Judge Darrell Bilancini, County Commissioner candidate Jeff Riddell, LCRP Executive Chairman David Arredondo, and LCYR Chairman Greg Fanning.




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