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LCRP Newsletter 07/10/22



Welcome back to the Lorain County Republican Party Newsletter!


This week's newsletter will contain a jammed packed list of upcoming meetings, as well as remind you about our 2nd Primary this year, which will be for our State House, State Senate, and State Central Committee seats.

If you see an event you're interested in please click the link or image for the event to learn more, and please, don't forget to VOTE in the approaching August 2nd Primary election. Early voting has already started!

If anyone has an interest in being a part of the ground game to help defeat the democrat ticket all the way down the ballot this year, please click the "Volunteer" button at the bottom of this email and let us know what you're willing to do to help make a red wave ripple all the way down to the local level!


LCYR Trump Day Dinner: July 12th.


Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club: July 14th

Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club: July 16th

Wellington Area GOP Meeting: July 18th

At Bob's Meilander's patio. 6PM

307 State St
Kipton, OH 44049

City of Lorain/Greater Sheffield Republican Club - Elyria GOP - Lorain County TEA:
July 17th

Hall for Sheriff Golf Outing: July 20th

Columbia Area Republican Committee: July 21st

We welcome all Republicans and others interested in pursuing freedom through Republican governance. Anyone wishing more information can reach Committee Chairman Jim Dowdell at:


Okay, this REALLY may seem repetitive again, but we must really stress that voters NOT ignore the August 2nd Primary!
Our Primary was split into two separate elections this year.
Due to the current election map situation our State Representative, State Senate, and State Central Committee races have been pushed back to August 2nd.




Here is a list of the races for the August 2nd Primary:

  • In Ohio's 54th Statehouse District we have incumbent Dick Stein who is now running unopposed since his challenger has withdrawn.
  • In the 53rd Statehouse District there is a race between Marty Gallagher and Sarah McGervey, the winner goes on to face Democrat incumbent Joe Miller in November.
  • In Ohio's 52nd Statehouse District incumbent Representative Gayle Manning is running unopposed. 
  • In Ohio's 13th State Senate District we have incumbent State Senator Nathan Manning being challenged by Kirstin Hill, who is currently our representative on the State Board of Education.
  • The currently appointed Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Man, David Arredondo, is the incumbent being challenged by Mike Witte and Peter Aldrich.
  • Incumbent Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Woman, Patty Stein, is being challenged by Jean Anderson.



Good Sunday Everyone. I’m pleased to tell you that this past Wednesday, I was voter No. 1 in Lorain County as Early and Absentee voting began. This will continue at the Board of Elections through August 1.  The actual Primary Election Day takes place Tuesday, August 2, 6:30am-7:30pm. The candidates and more details are available on the website


Due to the overreach of the Ohio Supreme Court which refused to approve the maps for the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate, these candidates were unable to participate in the May 3 Primary Election, hence this new primary August 2. Additionally, candidates for both the Democrat and Republican State Central Committees are also on this ballot. 


The Ohio Republican State Central Committee consists of 66 members, one female and one male, who represent the 33 Ohio Senate Districts. The State Central Committee’s main task is to elect the chairman and officers who in turn help elect our state office candidates. As the current 13th District committeeman, I am seeking to retain my seat in this primary. My counterpart on the Committee is Committeewoman Patty Stein. Both of us have opposition so you will have a chance to voice your opinion. 


Lorain County’s three House District representatives are also on the ballot. Representative Gayle Manning of District 52 is unopposed in this primary but Representative Dick Stein of District 54 has a write-in opponent while Marty Gallagher and Sarah McGervey are running in this primary for the chance to represent the 53rd District in the November General Election against the Democrat incumbent.


Last but not least, Senator Nathan Manning is on the primary ballot and opposed by Kirsten Hill who is the District 2 representative on the State Board of Education.


Even though the ballot is brief, we still need you to exercise your right to vote in this primary in order for us to complete our ticket for the November General Election.  

Early, Absentee, or Election Day. In Ohio its easy to vote, hard to cheat.

-David Arredondo, Executive Chairman, Lorain County Republican Party



We want to thank you for giving us your time and attention these last few minutes. We hope this newsletter helps you learn more about Republican events happening in your area!


Don't forget that early voting has already started for the August 2nd Primary and to work together for victory in November!

Have a wonderful week. 


Until next time,

Tim Connors

Lorain County Republican Party.

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