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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

The Future of Our Country Begins Now.

Fellow Citizens. Over the past two years we have seen a deterioration of our lives, our liberty and our country. No external threat: not China, not Russia, not Islamist terrorism imperils as much as our enemies within. It remains for us to but a stop to this Left Wing agenda and return us to a country based on Faith, Family, Freedom. A country that is a democratic republic based on the Constitution and the rule of law. America First!

Over the past two years, Democrats have controlled the entire government beginning with the presidency and the Executive Branch as well as both houses of Congress. Thankfully they do not control the Supreme Court and most of the Federal Judiciary.

We must take back our country beginning with our votes on October 12, the first day of Early and absentee voting. November 8 is the final day to help our cause with your vote. Republicans have a very good chance of winning the House and the Senate. From there we can begin the quest of retaking the presidency in 2024.

Very simply, this election is about the Democrats dismal and harmful record over the past twenty months since Biden and Harris inauguration in January 2021. It is about their Left Wing Socialist agenda designed to transform our nation as we know it. In this brief period of time they have severally damaged our economy and our personal incomes by enacting massive spending legislation which has caused a level of inflation not seen in more than seventy years. Additionally, their assault on our energy resources and our fossil fuels production has more than doubled our gas and oil prices which we must pay as if we are paying additional taxes.

Further harm to most of the country has come from a rampant increase in crime due to Democrat assaults on our law enforcement officers stemming from the George Floyd incident and subsequent demands to defund the police. In many urban areas, Democrat prosecutors and judges have lowered bail and reduced sentencing to accused and convicted felons.

Related to the crime increase is the alarming increase in drug addiction that is killing thousands through the sale of fentanyl which is primarily illegally imported through the Mexican border. These drug traffickers are some of the same criminals being released as mentioned earlier.

Vote like never before beginning October 12! Thank you.

David Arredondo - Executive Chairman - LCRP

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